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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Al's Blog - The Invisible Hand Part 5

I must admit that I was stunned by the reception Trump received from the press when he returned from his surrender trip.  He gave the North Korean dictator everything: not just everything he asked for, but everything we had given our allies to defend themselves against this ruthless dictator.  And he required none of the built-in requirements of the Iran Pact!

Where was the shock and anger from even the liberal press? 
“Well, they agreed, if it stops the threat of a nuclear war, that’s a good thing.”  That was it. No serious discussion of the impact on the rest of Asia!    

Trump literally sold out our Pacific allies in exchange, for what: … A Nobel Peace Prize?  Or was it the last piece of the puzzle Putin demanded of him? 

Trump is speaking of a summit meeting with Putin and Xi Jinping! Are we becoming the new Axis of Evil? Can nobody stop him?  Will we ever have a fair election again?  What did he mean when he told us that he didn’t need to prepare for that summit?  What did he mean when he said, “I’ve been preparing for this my whole life?”

Putin met with Kim at least once, probably twice, before this "Summit!’     
It is my guess that Putin wrote the scripts for both actors…especially Trump’s return announcement: “Americans can sleep soundly tonight.  The threat of nuclear war is over!” 

The vitriol of the 2016 Campaign continues to rage.  Trump and Putin recognize that Mueller has the goods on our likely traitorous President, his campaign, and his family. In this game of destroying the power, the wealth, the influence and the soul of the United States of America, Trump is just a mere pawn of the Chess Master.  As long as Trump’s base continues to believe the propaganda from Fox News, Breitbart, Sinclair Productions (and others whose names I won’t mention lest I give them more publicity), he will continue on his current path.

Every prediction I have made is based on my belief that our President is acting on orders from Vladimir Putin.

Look at the record of this presidency:  it is a series of divide and conquer activities:  "split the country’s unions against each other", "split the Black vote"," split the Jewish vote", "split the cities from the towns"; and worst of all: ridicule all of the leaders our allied countries. 

The Big Lie propaganda system turned even well-educated Germans into monsters in the 30’s and 40’s, and that is the new direction our America is taking.

What word, other than monster, can one call people willing to take children away from their parents and place those kids in tents erected in the middle of the desert?


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Al's Blog - Invisible Hand Part 2

As I predicted Putin has finally uncloaked as a player in the Korea Game.  It is not about a friendly contest; it is deadly serious.  It also contains several dimensions: If Kim "denuclearizes" who will hold those nukes? What will happen to the explosives and their rockets?  Who will monitor the multiple processes?  Will Russia "agree" to be a neutral "third" party?  Who will ask Putin to "volunteer"?  How much weight will each of the parties carry for agreement assurances? Be assured, the logistics are not likely to match the dimensions of the Iran agreement.

How much is real, and how much is Fake News?

Was the exchange of angry messages a powerful rift between two high-strung men of equal power or a planned bit of drama to enhance an awkward charade?

As more information becomes available, I will add my thoughts, but please don't let Trump further obscure the following huge questions:

1. How much time will be required of the President?   Will he be too involved in his Nobel Peace Prize effort, to appear before Independent Prosecutor Mueller and "the Russia thing”?

*Note: Putin tramples “Populism” at home, but exports it to the rest of the world!

2. Could President Trump pardon himself for Tax Fraud or Obstruction of Justice?  Could he pardon himself for manslaughter charges of hundreds, maybe thousands of Puerto Ricans?

3. Which criminals will this "Law and Order" President pardon next?

4. Now that he has re-assembled the team that gave us the Iraq War, is he ready to be provoked by Iran?

5. What is the real purpose of his tariffs?  And why on our neighbors and allies?
Is he using them as a pretext to force Mexico to pay for his wall?  Does he want to force Canada to do something on our northern border?  Or is he trying to make those leaders look weak at home and more susceptible to "Populism?"

6. Did Trump tape world leaders crawling to him as he dangled tariff rates in their faces and made up facts he never bothered to learn just for the pleasure of demeaning those he thought underestimated him.

7.  Why is it that even a US Senator is unable to view the conditions under which hundreds of small children are held after being separated from their parents?


The Trump Lawyers’ Confidential Memo to Mueller, Explained

  If you are interested,  attached is the 20 page letter that Chump's attorneys sent to Mueller.  The attachment also has  commentaries by the NYT writers.  I think the letter is extraordinary for many reasons.  As an alternative to reading the letter, you can read my take.
     As an overview, the letter is clearly intended to persuade Mueller to  give up any thought of interviewing Trump.  I can't imagine  Mueller being persuaded. I analogize  the letter to a poker player showing all his cards and then trying to bluff the other players.  This letter is crazy.  They threw out every conceivable argument against Chump testifying.  Some are hilarious.  Others are just plain stupid.    Many contain made up facts (no surprise here).  Throughout the letter they talk about the President's desire for complete transparency.  They say there has been unprecedented cooperation given by the office of the president.  They have to be kidding.  Chump has undermined the investigation from day one.   He had to be talked out of firing Mueller and Rosenstein.  He calls the investigation "phony."  While they talk about the millions of pages of documents which have been supplied, it is almost a certainty that  incriminating documents have been culled, if not destroyed.
        The letter says that all of the evidence  shows there was no collusion with Russia to influence the election and there is no evidence of obstruction of justice.  They must be kidding.  There is a massive amount of publicly known evidence of collusion.  Who knows how much additional evidence Mueller has?  The Trump Tower meeting shows  an eagerness to get dirt on Hillary from Russia.  The fact that no dirt was produced at that meeting, is irrelevant to the fact that they were colluding with Russia.  This is only the most obvious, but not close to being the only piece of evidence of Chump colluding with Russia.  Wickileaks disclosed thousands of documents from the DNC and from Leon Panetta which they had  stolen.  Remember, just days before the dump, Chump, publicly said , "wickileaks, I hope you have Hillary's emails.   Also please remember that days before the Trump tower meeting Chump announced to the world that there would be very interesting information coming out in a few days.  Of course he knew about the meeting in advance. He expected the meeting with the Russians to  produce Hillary dirt. And why did Chump write the memo about the meeting which he first attributed to his son and has is now admittedly a lie?    Why did he feel it necessary to go to great lengths to cover up the meeting?  How about hiring Manafort, a known hack for Russian interests.  How about getting a change in the Republican platform.  Collusion?  Case closed.  Amazingly the lawyers admit that Chump dictated the memo and more amazingly they say it was truthful.
        I found the lawyer letter interesting because it mostly dealt with the question of obstruction.  I think that the question of collusion with Russia is much more important.  The obstruction question goes to the cover up of the collusion.
         For me the most disgusting part of the letter is a passage which says that "there have been astounding public  revelations about the corruption within the FBI and the Department Of Justice which appears to have led to the alleged Russian Collusion investigation and establishment of the special counsel in the first place."  I found that statement breathtaking.  Robert Mueller is the former head of the FBI.  My guess is that Mueller probably does not take kindly to a description of the FBI as "corrupt".  Furthermore, Mueller was appointed to his position by the "corrupt" justice department.  Did the lawyers intentionally want to alienate Mueller?  It so, they  surely succeeded.    
            The letter says that the president is so busy with the nation's business that he doesn't have time to be interviewed by Mueller.  Let's put aside the golf game for the moment.  Last week Chump supposedly went to Texas to meet with the victims of the latest mass shooting.  That was a convenient excuse to go to a couple of fundraising events.  Hardly the country's business.
            The letter says that with all the testimony already obtained plus the mountain of documents, Mueller has more than enough information.  Therefore he does not need Chump's testimony.  It is so interesting that Chump's lawyers feel compelled to tell Mueller what he needs.
            The letter states explicitly that Comey lied when he said that Chump asked him to go easy on Flynn.  Stunningly, the letter says that they are advising Chump to not testify about this issue.  They said that Flynn did not lie to the FBI.  It says that Flynn was confused.  Funny, I thought Flynn plead guilty for lying to the FBI.
             The letter says that it is impossible for Chumpto obstruct justice because the crime needs for there to be a "proceeding" such as a trial.  The lawyers are dead wrong.  The letter flatly denies that Comey was fired because of the Russian investigation.  I guess they are admitting that you can't take the word of Chump.  The letter says that Chump can terminate the special prosecutor for any reason or for no reason.  That sounds to me like the definition of obstruction of justice.  Did the lawyers think they could intimidate Mueller.  My guess is that he is non intimidatable.
            I will close with this.  The letter ends with the statement that  if the president  is required to be interviewed, It would demean the office of the presidency throughout the world.  Let me give a newsflash to Chump's lawyers, the office has been horribly demeaned by their client.  It goes without saying there is much more to laugh or cry at in the letter.  I leave it to you to read more.  Thanks for listening.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Likudism Is Not Judaism

Last week, as the President's daughter and son-in-law attended the inauguration of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, the world could not ignore the juxtaposition of the Trump family celebrating with smiles, while 60 miles away Israeli troops shot and killed 60 protesters and injured scores of others.
 The US media ran unprecedented criticism of Israel's militarism, as well as condemnation from many senior political figures. It seems that while America's conscience was reawakening to the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, members of the House and Senate responded by introducing the The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018

Far from increasing awareness for anti-semitism, this bill attempts to cloak many criticisms of Israel as anti-semitism.  The bill includes an overly-broad, political definition of anti-Semitism, which includes criticism of the state of Israel. Its main purpose is to quell activism on behalf of Palestinian rights.  This is a threat to the first amendment as well as our national security.

The brutality of Israeli colonialism makes Jews worldwide less secure, while uncritical American support of Israel makes America less secure. For many Jews, like myself, the bible informs our criticism of Israel. The Torah states that you must treat all people as yourself.  Clearly, blockading Gaza, denying people in Gaza basic rights such as water, makes Gaza an open air prison, and betrays these mandates.

Yet, in this bill, the geopolitical considerations of some politicians, lobbyists, and defense contractors, would weaken the voices of millions of Jews, and hundreds of millions of Americans.  The Israeli government just denied three US Congressmen access to Gaza-- so they were unable to determine the facts of the recent massacre.I have done human rights work in the West Bank and Gaza three times, and think that US and Israeli propaganda must be cut through by witnessing the Palestinian situation in person.  If elected to Congress, I would join these fact-finding investigations, and would invite Rabbis, Ministers, Priests, and Imams.  We must find new ways to finally clarify the need for a two state solution. 

Mal Hyman
Candidate for Congress
7th District
South Carolina
(803) 820-1743

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Invisible Hand in Korea

Trump "diplomacy" "appears" to be working in the Korean peninsula.  The two enemies have battled or threatened each other since the end of WWII.  It is unbelievable* that in a matter of one year the two bullies are talking peace.  And it was so easy.  Why didn't the Presidents from Truman to Obama think of bullying back?
* Unbelievable means: Don't believe it.


The press has agreed on both sides of the great political divide that the United States must employ the support of South Korea, Japan, and China to work with the North Koreans in order to make a peace accord possible. However, they have missed the Bear in the Room! 

The have forgotten the invisible hand in North Korea.  That is the Russian Hand that we ignore at our greatest peril. Vladimir Putin is a master chess player, and he is playing on six political world stages at once: Europe, Middle East, Far East, North and South America while Donald Trump's strategy is at the Tic-Tack-Toe level!

I am not ready to show him in Africa, yet!

The Chinese were never the top supporters of North Korea: Russiawas there at its beginning and has remained a supplier of modern military equipment, a trainer of its air force and, at times, supplied the pilots who shot down hundreds of American and Allies' planes.  The Chinese only acted for their own self-interests during the Korean War because hawks like General MacArthur wanted to invade China, as well as, North Korea.  

It was the Russians whose MIG fighters were shooting down American pilots in American planes early in the conflict because our military hadn't expected that the Koreans could match our technology.  The Russian pilots wore Korean uniforms and kept radio silence.  I'll share more of that period in later blogs.

It was the Russians, not the Chinese, who were the main trainers and suppliers of the North Korean military, and I will share how Putin has helped with updated weapons.  But the North Koreans tried to balance support for both of their huge neighbors.

The conclusion I am proposing is that all of the furor and bombastic noise did not originate in Washington, but in Moscow.  And it was timed for the 2018 elections, and created as a shield for Trump against the Mueller investigation.

I know that these ideas may be shocking and hard to digest, but I hope to get people thinking before we lose all influence and credibility in the Far East.  It's clear that our influence in Western Europe is sinking as Russia's military build-up worries Eastern Europeans who have looked to an American led NATO for assurance that they can survive the next attack by Putin. And which citizens in NATO will forget seeing their leaders forced to beg Trump to maintain the Iran deal, only to be rebuffed! 

 Finally, a million Russian Jews who fled to Israel appear to have lost their memories of the pogroms of Czarist Russia and the purges of Jews in the Communist Soviet Union.

Future Topics:
Too many Americans are willing to give Trump credit for the Obama economy even though Trump and his Republican toadies are building the slope to make it crash!

Remember every lie that he tweets and repeats is designed to make you to forget that it was a lie in the first place!


P.S: Stop watching the Tic-Tack-Toe match.  The battle is on the chessboards!

P.P.S: Warn your Senators:  Gina Haskell’s service in the CIA included, not only permitting illegal torture of prisoners; but participating in the action, and finally destroying the taped evidence.  What evidence will she destroy at the CIA?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

the War Against Hillary

Like most dictators and “wannabe dictators” who can’t be satisfied to merely beat their adversaries, Trump’s right -wingers delight in beating Hillary Clinton over and over again with the hope that every memory of her will be smothered in lies and scandal! It’s ironic that their lies about Hillary and the Clinton family* are examples of the truth about Donald Trump!

>  Remember all of the negative signs that were directed at Hillary during her campaign stops?

“LIAR! LIAR” cried the signs. But they were pointed in the wrong direction! They should have been turned around to face the Trump crowd, itself! Nobody in politics has ever told as many lies as THEIR candidate!

>  Consider The Trump Foundation:  It was forced to shut down, because it helped Trump personally more than it supported any charities.
It was just as dishonest as The Trump University!  

For additional information on this subject: click on the link below to see the fact-check on the Clinton Foundation:

P.S. Now ask yourself: why does the DNC watch all of these attacks on Hillary Clinton and remain silent?


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Swamp news

  The chump brought his swamp to Michigan.  Hopefully he will never again bespoil our beautiful State with his presence.  He was about 50 miles from Flint.   It goes without saying that he may as well have been a million miles away. It seems that the sole purpose of the visit was to jump start his reelection bid.  If the intended effect is to chill all of us  to the bone, he succeeded.   This is what I want to know:  How much of our tax dollars are used for this swamp show.  Judicial watch, a conservative organization has reported that a trip to the Bedminster golf course costs $45,000.  A rally in Arizona cost 1.5 million.  The military says the cost of  flying Air Force One is $206,000 an hour.  So Pruitt's security staff and telephone booth, Zinke's private air travel, Mnuchin's use of government planes for personal trips are all Chump change, you should excuse the expression.
       Rachel Maddow has a chart showing all of the Chump people who have left the administration already.  She is just about out of room on the chart.  One guy who didn't even make it into the administration was the acting head of ICE.  He withdrew his name before he got to the Senate for confirmation.  This guy had so much baggage, he almost certainly would not have been confirmed.
       Yesterday a top Pruitt aide resigned.  This guy was a banker in Oklahoma.  He arranged a very questionable loan allowing Pruitt to buy an expensive house  from a lobbyist in a very questionable transaction.  Of course Pruitt brought him to Washington.  It did not matter that under a consent agreement with the FDIC this guy agreed to a lifetime ban from the banking industry.  Pruitt's top security guy also resigned.    He had been in the federal government for most of his adult life.  While there is no public explanation for his departure, I am willing to bet that the reason is a real doozy.
        But that was yesterday.  Today it was revealed that a lobbyist arranged for Pruitt's trip to Morocco.  Remember that boondoggle?  He was trying to get Morocco to buy natural gas from a firm for which his buddy was lobbying.  They landed in Paris on Friday to get a Saturday connection to Morocco.  They missed the morning flight so the whole crew spent an extra day in Paris.  We will probably never know why they missed the flight. So today it was revealed that Pruitt's buddy who arranged the trip entered into a $40,000 a month lobbying contract for Morocco. Coincidence? By the way, Pruitt is a committed evangelical.  He helps Chump with that base.  I need to catch up on my bible reading to find out how to rationalize all of this criminal behavior.
        How is it that Chump has attracted so much creatures to come out of the swamp?  It is now acceptable for criminals to run for office as Republicans.  A former congressman from New York was convicted of cheating his employees, filing false income tax returns, and lying to federeal investigators.  He's a huge Chump supporter.  He is running for his old seat.  Don Blankenship, convicted in the deaths of 20 coal miners in West Virginia is running for Senate.  He loves Chump.  Joe Arpiao was convicted of criminal contempt.  Chump pardoned him.  He's running for Senate in Arizona.  And Michael Flynn, a convicted felon is the star attraction at Republican candidates' rallies.  Those rallies are all Chump all the time.
         Chump has found part of America that most of did not know existed.  How is it possible that close to forty percent of the American people can enthusiastically support this demented, immoral con man?  Hopefully his reign of evil is drawing to a close.  And hopefully the damage he has done to our country.is reversible.   Take care.