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Monday, March 5, 2018

Trump's Tariff War

Trump appears to have made a big blunder with his new tariff war on Steel and Aluminum. 

If I'm reading the tea leaves correctly, it's all about the special election in Pennsylvania where Democrat Connor Lamb has just caught up with Republican Rick Saccone in a very red district.  The Republicans recognize the possibility of losing a “safe” seat in the House, and they won’t make it easy!

There are many steel workers with families and friends in that district, and some unions have been attracted to Trump’s protectionism since the 2016 campaign.  However, I believe that Trump's steel protection plan, like his health plan, his DACA plan, and his "middle class” tax reform plan is just another game of smoke and mirrors that reverberates with his base.  Once the unions recognize that more American jobs will be lost than saved in a trade war, they may modify their approval of it!

Watch for the tariffs to live in the media briefly, but disappear shortly after that election on March13th in Pennsylvania!


Friday, March 2, 2018

Overestimating Chump

  I am more than willing to admit I underestimated Chump's appeal.  To this day it is unexplainable how anyone could not see that he is mentally deranged, and totally unqualified to be president.  So I will admit that I underestimated his appeal.  But in reality I have overestimated his mental capacity.
      Before he started his campaign I thought he must be bright even if  he was an amoral crook.  Now after witnessing this guy, I see that I  way overestimated his intelligence.
      First, it is painful to see him try to read from a teleprompter or any other text.  I am guessing he reads at a fifth or sixth grade level.  His vocabulary and syntax are at the same level.  
       The problem is that fifth or sixth graders are probably 10-12 years old.  Chump's constant name calling is more like at a second grade level.  I have never heard any grown up name call like this 70 year old.
       But this week he demonstrated the mentally of a preschooler.  Only a preschooler would fantasize that he or she would rush into a building unarmed and take down an assault weapon carrying gunman.  This is a really sick 70 year old.  So I now estimate his mental capacity as somewhere between a 4 year old and a 12 year old.
       Just as I underestimated his appeal, I way overestimated his intelligence.  Now the question will become whether we overestimate the intelligence of the American people.  Next time around, I don't think so.  Take care.


Guns vs Kids: Politicians Choose Guns

The kids from Parkland, Florida have embarked upon a campaign to change the laws that currently allow anyone over the age of eighteen to purchase an assault weapon like the one that terrorized them and which took the lives of seventeen fellow students and faculty at their high school. 

A few days later those youngsters asked their representatives in the Florida House to use their positions of power to stop the easy sale of assault weapons.  Of course, the students discovered that having both truth and justice on their side means nothing to politicians indebted to the gun lobby.

Some of the students met with the President in front of a national audience on television.

He nodded and appeared to be listening compassionately while knowing that his staff had carefully prepared his responses.  In the end, he attacked the FBI; and, after due consideration, offered a plan that would not upset the NRA: “Arm the Teachers!”

The right-wing echo chamber immediately launched the same verbal weapons that they used to demonize Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election.  They accused these kids of being paid actors while they were fresh from escaping the most terrifying experience we can imagine: racing away from hundreds of bullets flying at them at speed of more than 1000 mph…. tearing flesh and crushing bones wherever they hit a human body.  Meanwhile, we saw pictures of armed deputies hiding behind their cars outside the building, knowing that their handguns were no match for an assault weapon. 

These young survivors had seen friends and teachers gunned down when they stopped to help others.  They heard the screams of terror and agony… knowing that they might be next.  Some hid and texted family often believing that they were about to die

With the entire nation aghast at the horror our American children had just experienced, the political leaders of our country tried to balance how to say the right things to the outraged young people seeking a change from the madness while these political hacks were really concentrating how to save their seats in the next election or how to save the big donation that they had received from the NRA.  

The political leaders’ decision? 1st: support the NRA, next: save their seats in Congress, last: consider the kids.

In what kind of country could this have happened? How can we allow them to keep control of our democratic institutions?  We can only recover the dignity of the American dream at the ballot box!  And we can only succeed at the ballot box by calling out the liars, the haters, and the propagandists!

The elections of 2018 and 2020 are likely to be the last chance to save our country!