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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


"As a local businessman and an official Laker, I care about my hometown and want to bring peace and prosperity to the township board. The residents deserve community leadership that will listen to them and also help guide them with positive decisions made with integrity and candor." 

Some of Sam's local endorsements include Rabbi Joseph Krakoff (Jewish Hospice & Chaplaincy Network), Charlie Brock (State Jr Vice Commander of the Disabled American Veteran Association), Academy Award Winner Sue Marx and President of the Rotary Club of West Bloomfield Dr. Henry Maicki.

"I pledge to champion our wonderful community and accentuate the high moral values our residents. Our diversity of population is a wonderful thing and the glorious aesthetic of our shared Lakes area is a gem of metro-Detroit that is resplendent."

Sam himself is also an active member of the Rotary Club, as well as the Optimists Club of West Bloomfield, Tuskegee Airmen Inc Organization, SAG/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences - Michigan Chapter. Sam is also a member of the West Bloomfield / Lakes area Democrats Club and is being brought in as a board member next week.

Last month, Sam partnered up with his alma mater West Bloomfield High School (Class of 2001) and Frankel Jewish Academy as the co-founder and sponsor of the West Bloomfield Student Film Festival and Exhibition.

"Arts and Music education are pivotal to the growth of any community as part of the school system. The youth of West Bloomfield have the drive to take us forward in a positive direction and I am proud to play a part of giving them an opportunity to showcase their wonderful talents."

Sam holds an undergraduate degree awarded from University of Michigan; a Master's degree in Communication Management from the world renowned Northwestern University (Illinois) and also studied abroad at London's historic Guildhall School.

A proven resume of bringing economic value to Michigan, having success with contracts, handling finances and being in a position of team management are a staple of Sam Logan's endeavors - most recently having served as a Supervising Producer on the Emmy winning nationally syndicated health and wellness TV Series "Ask Dr. Nandi" (made in Michigan and airing in over 85 million homes across the USA) and as Executive Producer on "Approaching Midnight" - a military themed feature length film which donated a portion of its box office proceeds from Emagine Theatres to the American Legion. Sam's passionate media work for non-profit organizations has included the Safe House Center of Ann Arbor women's shelter and the Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan.



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