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Friday, December 23, 2016

Al's Blog - Open Letter to the Electors

Open Letter to the Electors who will gather in State Houses around our country today for the purpose of voting for the President of The United States of America:

Dear Electors:
You take the stage today to determine the future of our Country.  What has been a less than exciting formality in the past by anonymous citizens whose job it was to represent your state in electing the President has changed to a challenge of your conscience.  Donald Trump has shown us that he will represent his own personal interests, not those of any political party and not those of the American People!

He has shown contempt for the voters by keeping his personal finances secret and staging a phony report of his health history.   He claims to know more about the military than do our top generals, even though he never served in the military and avoided the draft with six deferments, including twice having his status changed from 1A, while our country was at war.

He has shown further disdain by naming controversial appointees to his administration for positions that are not subject to approvals by the Senate.
His National Security Advisor, Lt. General Michael Flynn, who moved up to the position of Director Defense Intelligence Agency, agreed to retire from that position under a cloud of suspicion.  His anger at Hillary Clinton and others can be traced to that event and explains why he used “Fake News” to attack her. He has been photographed sitting next to Vladimir Putin at a banquet in Russia, and has been a speaker for top Russian officers.  He has business connections that could compromise his role at the White House. 

But the potentially most troubling appointment is Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon whose work at Breibart and in this election has allowed the Alt Right to surface with a sense of respectability.  When in American since the Civil War has preaching of White supremacy been acceptable.  How can we legitimatize the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis and other hate groups?

The question Trump asked of the African-American community, “What do you have to lose?” the answer, “All of the above and more!”

If you vote for Donald J Trump, you are voting for Russian domination of Europe and the end of America’s voice for freedom at home and across the world.

Allen Halper,
West Bloomfield, Michigan

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