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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Al's Blog - Putin, the Chess Master

I believe that there is ample evidence that Vladimir Putin is destroying all the countries that have held Russia at bay in its quest to gain world domination.  Please consider one point, and I'll share more.
Putin has promised to make Russia great again.  1. He has reformed and greatly empowered the KGB to include foreign agents, 2. A string of right wing parties have been successful in elections across Europe, now including France, and possibly the Brexit election all of the focus is on Muslims and ISIS and ignores any mention of the Russian threat.   3. After you look into his European moves, consider his courting of Donald Trump and Mike Flynn.  Once he called Trump a genius (according to Trump), he had a friend for life - and we don't know what financial advantages he has dangled before him. Nor do we know how he may have used Assange in our election (but I'm sure that he did). Once Trump takes office and Putin moves against the Baltic States, will Trump risk a war with Russia?  Will anybody ever trust the USA again?
4.  Look at General Mike Flynn once a hero in Afghanistan and a key leader in our military intelligence who was suddenly "allowed" to resign. 
Has his anger weakened his patriotism? Could General Flynn allow his family's record of service to be forever linked to Benedict Arnold?
Why is he a darling of the Russian military?  I don't suspect him of giving away or selling military secrets, but I suspect that he is being prepared to see Russia as a great friend and ally - but Putin has no allies or friends, only puppets or enemies.  Is Flynn the one who will identify which generals to keep and which to "let retire?" 5.  What will Russia's ascendance in Europe and the Middle East do to America's world leadership?  Many European Right wing parties are looking at Russia for leadership, not the United States! This is only one piece of our foreign policy.  But since Putin has local right wing parties as his foot soldiers elsewhere, has he supported our own right wing?

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