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Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Senate and the Supreme Court

At last our Senate Intelligence Committee has identified Russia as our enemy and Putin as the one who ordered the multi-faceted attack against our democratic system, our government, our allies, and against America's role as defender of the free world. 

What does that mean? It's not likely that the Supreme Court would reverse the Election of 2016, but it could reverse some of the actions taken by the President.

1. The Senate must block the Trump/Putin summit!

2. The Senate must consider Judge Garland to replace Judge Kennedy

3. No other judges should be appointed by the President before Special Counsel Mueller’s report is presented and acted upon

4.  The Attorney General must begin a bi-partisan investigation of the House Intelligence Committee.

5. The Senate must review the appointments of the President's Cabinet 

6. The Supreme Court must review its recent decisions on Immigration, Labor Unions, and Gerrymandering

7.  Congress and the Supreme Court must undo the damage by the Trump administration to G7 and NATO, our trading partners and our military alliance.


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