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Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Kentucky Colonel's Eleven Chickens

Senator Mitch McConnell's eleven he-men on the Senate Judiciary Committee talk tough, sound tough, and act tough.  After toying with Christine Blasey Ford, she has accepted their terms: a deal to testify on her allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party when they were in high school.  She was fifteen, he seventeen. 

Of course they plan to shame her, but they don't want women voters to see them do that!  So proving just how tough they really are, they hired a woman to ask the hard questions: not just any woman but a prosecutor from Maricopa County. 

That is the county that re-electedJoe Arpaio several times.  Arpaio, you may recall, is the notorious Sheriff recently pardoned by President Trump.

So here is how things stand: Every Senator will be given five minutes to ask questions. The eleven “”Chickens” will not ask questions but will hide behind the skirt of a woman who has been given all of the fifty-five minutes that were granted to the Republicans. The ten Democrats who oppose the nomination will each have five minutes to ask their questions and listen to the testimony. 

The majority vote for a lifetime job of Justice of the Supreme Court for Brett Kavanaugh will then be passed along to the entire Senate some time next week.  (At least that is the script they have written).

That may sound fair on Fox News: an experienced prosecutor with an uninterrupted hour gets to ask Ms, Ford questions, challenge, and then ask questions again and again for an additional fifty-five minutes.  Ten opposing Senators each get to ask whatever for five minutes. 

 It proves that the “Chickens” have no respect for their colleagues, for their interviewee’s donors, for their base, or for the American electorate! 



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