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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

We can win this thing. Keep calling and e mailing

Hi all,
     Tomorrow is the big election in Alabama.  My philosophy has always been to be surprised by  a win rather than be surprised by a loss.  The latest polling is encouraging
      As you know, right now the Republicans have a 52-48 majority in the senate.  They passed the horrendous tax bill by 51-49 with Corker dissenting.   If Doug Jones wins in Alabama and if Corker stay true to his principles, the vote is then 50-50.  The Republicans still win because Pence breaks the tie.  So if Jones wins, we need only one senator to join Corker  If Moore wins we need two.  We can't stop fighting against this regime which is destroying our country. I still believe it is possible to turn around one or two senators.  Separately, rumor has it that Thad Cochran is gravely ill. The Republicans are praying that he stays alive long enough to be wheeled into the Senate for the vote.  If he stays alive, but can't get to the Senate we are just about winners. They have an alternate prayer, that he meets his maker sooner rather than later so the Mississippi Governor can appoint a new senator in an instant. Here is my thinking.
       Susan Collins got snookered.    She made a deal with McConnell that he would get a bill passed which would protect about 13 million people who are beneficiaries of Obamacare.  This is very important to Collins.  This was the reason she voted against repeal.  In the light of day, all reports are that Collins realized she made a stupid deal.  Putting aside the fact that McConnell can't be trusted,  Paul Ryan has said that he was not in on the deal and he has no interest in the deal.  In other words, Collins' deal is dead on arrival.  If she is truly a woman of principle, she must vote against this bill.
       McCain claims that he wants to restore regular process to the the senate.  This bill passed with the most irregular process.  As the senators go over the bill, they will see what n horrendous thing it is.  Many huge mistakes have already been identified.  Maybe McCain will cement his legacy as a man of principle  by voting "no."
       Flake has written a book about his hatred for Trump and everything he stands for.  Trump is bragging that this is his tax bill.  Flake is an independent thinker he can change his mind.  He can deny Trump his triumph.
       Supposedly  Capito has a problem with denying health benefits to millions.  Her state of West Virginia has a huge number of enrollees in Obamacare. Maybe she can be turned.
        Murkowski voted against repeal.  Now she voted in favor of the tax bill despite all of those people losing their health insurance.  Murkowski has been bought and paid for.  In the bill there is a provision allowing  for oil drilling in the Alaska wilderness.  What does that have to do with taxes you may ask.  The answer is "nothing  "  She named her price.  She's hopeless.
              The house and senate are trying to get this done in the next 10 days. Now is the time to hit the phones and emails. We can still do it.  We need only one or two Senators. To email the senators you use the last name followed by .senate. gov.  So as an example, Flake is www.flake.senate.gov.  Phone numbers are as follows;
                                1.Collins                       202-224-2523

                                2. Capito                      202-224-6432

                                3. Flake                        202-224-4521

                                 4. McCain                    202-224-2235

                                 5. Moran                      202-224-6521

                                 6. Paul                         202-224-3521

                                 7.  Corker                    202-2243344

       I threw in Moran because he's from Kansas.  Everyone in Kansas knows that deficit spending was a disaster.  I threw in Paul because he claims to be a man of principle  He despises Trump.  He's so weird he might just turn.  I argue to the conservatives that I don't need a tax cut.  But with this bi I get a tax cut and my children and grandchildren pay for it.  Corker should be called just to praise him.

                                                                           Richard Lenter