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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Land’s highest office requires better action

Dear President Trump,
You should rethink your slander of other officials that preceded you
without presenting facts that back them. You are unfair and mean spirited. The people who you trash unfairly have family just as you. You were upset because a store didn’t want to carry your daughter’s merchandise. President Obama has not spoken out against the proven false lies that you launched against him. He has family that you may be upsetting because of the lies. You become angry when truthful statements you don’t like are made about you. I don’t understand your actions. You are in an honorable position
and yet your behavior is that of a junior high bully! The office you
hold should inspire you to respect others’ personal rights. You should not make false statements. Have you ever heard of “the Golden Rule?”

Jean Fox, Boynton Beach.  Letter to editor Sun Sentinel April 09 2017

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