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Sunday, May 14, 2017

My two cents - Comey and Trump

Hi all,
      I am at a disadvantage when commenting on Comey's firing.  I get my TV information from MSNBC and CNN.  I don't get the Fox News perspective. In any event, here's my take.
      Comey may be competent, but he is deeply flawed regarding his public statements.  Everything Rosenstein wrote in his letter to Sessions is true.  Nevertheless, the firing is nothing more than a blatant attempt at covering up all investigations into Trump.  The Russian connection stinks.  So does Trump's enrichment of himself and his family by reason of his presidency.  I have said for a long time that investigations into Trump look very much like Watergate.  I said about Watergate that it was like peeling an onion.  It takes time, but eventually you get to the stinking core.
      To recap a little history,  Rod Rosenstein was recently confirmed by the Senate as assistant attorney general after Sally Yates was fired.  In his position, Rosenstein is in charge of investigations into Trump Russian connections. Mr. Rosenstein had broad bipartisan  support.  He promised to run an independent investigation.  Now he has sent a letter to Sessions which led to Trump firing Comey.  How is it that Rosenstein came to investigate Comey? He certainly had lots of other things on his plate  (e.g. the Trump investigations).  There can be only one answer.  He was tasked to do it by Sessions.  Why would Sessions want Comey to do this?  There can be only  one answer, Trump wanted him gone.  Why did Trump want him gone?  We know that answer.  The firing did not start with Rosenstein.  It started with Trump.
       This stinks on so many levels.  I won't bore you with my endless analysis.  Let me make just two points that jump out at me.  First, Jeff Sessions.  As Mark Twain said,"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."  Sessions has a problem with the truth.  He testified under oath that he would recuse himself from anything touching an investigation into the Russian connection.  Firing Comey was all about Russia.  Don't take my word.  In his letter to Comey, Trump explicitly referred to the Russian investigation.  The irony of the firing is that the Rosenstein letter said he should be fired because Comey treated Hillary unfairly.
        The second thing that smacks me in the face is the difference between the handling of Flynn and the handling of Comey.  Trump was told that Flynn was a danger to our country.  Trump  did nothing about that and perhaps never would have, if the Washington Post had not written that Flynn had lied to Pence.  And the lie had little to do with Sally Yates' warning.  Nevertheless, it took 17 days after the warning to fire Flynn.  In the Comey case, There was a letter recommending firing on one day and he was fired within 24 hours.  This despite the fact that there was already an ongoing investigation into Comey by the inspector general of the justice department.  There was only one reason for the abrupt action taken by Trump and Sessions, they wanted to end all investigations into Trump.  I remain confident that more layers of the onion will be peeled back.  Unless Trump somehow becomes a dictator of our democracy, his day of reckoning is coming. There is a hint that some Republicans are jumping ship.  It's not a question of if, only when.
        One more thing:  Trump is a chickenshit bully.  He didn't have the guts to call Comey personally to tell him about the decision. He called others, but not Comey. Instead he sent his personal bodyguard (thug) to deliver the letter to Comey.  The thug is currently being sued for assaulting a protester at a Trump rally.  Trump's letter to Comey  could not have been more ugly.  Not a surprise considering the source.
         Thanks for listening.


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