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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Swamp news

  The chump brought his swamp to Michigan.  Hopefully he will never again bespoil our beautiful State with his presence.  He was about 50 miles from Flint.   It goes without saying that he may as well have been a million miles away. It seems that the sole purpose of the visit was to jump start his reelection bid.  If the intended effect is to chill all of us  to the bone, he succeeded.   This is what I want to know:  How much of our tax dollars are used for this swamp show.  Judicial watch, a conservative organization has reported that a trip to the Bedminster golf course costs $45,000.  A rally in Arizona cost 1.5 million.  The military says the cost of  flying Air Force One is $206,000 an hour.  So Pruitt's security staff and telephone booth, Zinke's private air travel, Mnuchin's use of government planes for personal trips are all Chump change, you should excuse the expression.
       Rachel Maddow has a chart showing all of the Chump people who have left the administration already.  She is just about out of room on the chart.  One guy who didn't even make it into the administration was the acting head of ICE.  He withdrew his name before he got to the Senate for confirmation.  This guy had so much baggage, he almost certainly would not have been confirmed.
       Yesterday a top Pruitt aide resigned.  This guy was a banker in Oklahoma.  He arranged a very questionable loan allowing Pruitt to buy an expensive house  from a lobbyist in a very questionable transaction.  Of course Pruitt brought him to Washington.  It did not matter that under a consent agreement with the FDIC this guy agreed to a lifetime ban from the banking industry.  Pruitt's top security guy also resigned.    He had been in the federal government for most of his adult life.  While there is no public explanation for his departure, I am willing to bet that the reason is a real doozy.
        But that was yesterday.  Today it was revealed that a lobbyist arranged for Pruitt's trip to Morocco.  Remember that boondoggle?  He was trying to get Morocco to buy natural gas from a firm for which his buddy was lobbying.  They landed in Paris on Friday to get a Saturday connection to Morocco.  They missed the morning flight so the whole crew spent an extra day in Paris.  We will probably never know why they missed the flight. So today it was revealed that Pruitt's buddy who arranged the trip entered into a $40,000 a month lobbying contract for Morocco. Coincidence? By the way, Pruitt is a committed evangelical.  He helps Chump with that base.  I need to catch up on my bible reading to find out how to rationalize all of this criminal behavior.
        How is it that Chump has attracted so much creatures to come out of the swamp?  It is now acceptable for criminals to run for office as Republicans.  A former congressman from New York was convicted of cheating his employees, filing false income tax returns, and lying to federeal investigators.  He's a huge Chump supporter.  He is running for his old seat.  Don Blankenship, convicted in the deaths of 20 coal miners in West Virginia is running for Senate.  He loves Chump.  Joe Arpiao was convicted of criminal contempt.  Chump pardoned him.  He's running for Senate in Arizona.  And Michael Flynn, a convicted felon is the star attraction at Republican candidates' rallies.  Those rallies are all Chump all the time.
         Chump has found part of America that most of did not know existed.  How is it possible that close to forty percent of the American people can enthusiastically support this demented, immoral con man?  Hopefully his reign of evil is drawing to a close.  And hopefully the damage he has done to our country.is reversible.   Take care.


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