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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Invisible Hand in Korea

Trump "diplomacy" "appears" to be working in the Korean peninsula.  The two enemies have battled or threatened each other since the end of WWII.  It is unbelievable* that in a matter of one year the two bullies are talking peace.  And it was so easy.  Why didn't the Presidents from Truman to Obama think of bullying back?
* Unbelievable means: Don't believe it.


The press has agreed on both sides of the great political divide that the United States must employ the support of South Korea, Japan, and China to work with the North Koreans in order to make a peace accord possible. However, they have missed the Bear in the Room! 

The have forgotten the invisible hand in North Korea.  That is the Russian Hand that we ignore at our greatest peril. Vladimir Putin is a master chess player, and he is playing on six political world stages at once: Europe, Middle East, Far East, North and South America while Donald Trump's strategy is at the Tic-Tack-Toe level!

I am not ready to show him in Africa, yet!

The Chinese were never the top supporters of North Korea: Russiawas there at its beginning and has remained a supplier of modern military equipment, a trainer of its air force and, at times, supplied the pilots who shot down hundreds of American and Allies' planes.  The Chinese only acted for their own self-interests during the Korean War because hawks like General MacArthur wanted to invade China, as well as, North Korea.  

It was the Russians whose MIG fighters were shooting down American pilots in American planes early in the conflict because our military hadn't expected that the Koreans could match our technology.  The Russian pilots wore Korean uniforms and kept radio silence.  I'll share more of that period in later blogs.

It was the Russians, not the Chinese, who were the main trainers and suppliers of the North Korean military, and I will share how Putin has helped with updated weapons.  But the North Koreans tried to balance support for both of their huge neighbors.

The conclusion I am proposing is that all of the furor and bombastic noise did not originate in Washington, but in Moscow.  And it was timed for the 2018 elections, and created as a shield for Trump against the Mueller investigation.

I know that these ideas may be shocking and hard to digest, but I hope to get people thinking before we lose all influence and credibility in the Far East.  It's clear that our influence in Western Europe is sinking as Russia's military build-up worries Eastern Europeans who have looked to an American led NATO for assurance that they can survive the next attack by Putin. And which citizens in NATO will forget seeing their leaders forced to beg Trump to maintain the Iran deal, only to be rebuffed! 

 Finally, a million Russian Jews who fled to Israel appear to have lost their memories of the pogroms of Czarist Russia and the purges of Jews in the Communist Soviet Union.

Future Topics:
Too many Americans are willing to give Trump credit for the Obama economy even though Trump and his Republican toadies are building the slope to make it crash!

Remember every lie that he tweets and repeats is designed to make you to forget that it was a lie in the first place!


P.S: Stop watching the Tic-Tack-Toe match.  The battle is on the chessboards!

P.P.S: Warn your Senators:  Gina Haskell’s service in the CIA included, not only permitting illegal torture of prisoners; but participating in the action, and finally destroying the taped evidence.  What evidence will she destroy at the CIA?

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