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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Prop 1 went down in flames

OK, so that's that. For good or for bad, Prop 1 went down in flames.
While I did vote Yes in the end, I did so only grudgingly, and have no ill will whatsoever towards anyone who voted No. It's done.
Now, there's three things which could happen:
1. Nothing. The GOP legislature has proven themselves damned good at doing that. The roads will continue to fall to shit.
Odds of happening: About 10%...and under the circumstances, "Nothing at all" may prove to be the BEST scenario going forward.
2. A sensible and fair solution: Making corporations start paying a reasonable share of taxes again.
Odds of happening (at least before January 2017): HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
3. Schools, the poor, the elderly and other critical safety net services get slashed even further, continuing our progress towards Michissippi. The roads get partially repaired, but with a lot of corruption and kickbacks along the way, resulting in a lousy job being done at twice the fair price.
Odds of happening: 90%.
I'm not saying this to make No voters feel bad...because the GOP-held legislature would very likely have STILL slashed things to the bone even if Prop 1 had *passed*. In my view this was a lose/lose situation, which is why I've remained pretty quiet about it until now: There was, in my view, no "right" choice here; both of them sucked eggs.
Either way, no matter how bad you thought things were before, just watch...and pray that the voters of Michigan FINALLY wake the fuck up.

Charles Gaba


http://pinkelstar.com/ said...

Actually, I hope that nothing bad will happen. That we will have good politics and good rulers to help our country grow and develop. I am a dreamer))

Dhe Basith said...

very nice article.

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