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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mueller Report

I have spoken with and emailed with several friends who are profoundly depressed by the fact that Mueller will not issue any more indictments.  We are bewildered.  How could there not be indictments of tRUMP, his son and his son in law based upon what has already been made public.  We want to nail these crooks

        Today's NYT and Washington Post have great editorials and op eds that put the Mueller report into perspective.  We already have tRUMP's national security adviser, his campaign manager, and his personal lawyer as convicted felons. In the Cohen indictment the SDNY called tRUMP a felon (Individual 1).  Mueller has already found that Russia interfered in our election to help get tRUMP elected. The SDNY continues to investigate tRUMP's  felonious financial dealings.  They can indict. Remember Allen Weiselberg has given testimony to the SDNY under a grant of immunity. Congressional investigations will cover ground not within the purview of Mueller.  I have no doubt that the N.Y. Attorney General will issue more indictments.  While tRUMP may claim the N.Y. attorney general is part of a partisan witch hunt,  he can't escape facts.

          I am waiting for whatever details Barr decides to release.  It is foolish to speculate now.   I have almost zero confidence in Barr.  I hope i'm wrong. But tRUMP's criminality is beyond question.  It will be exposed for the remainder of his presidency.   We have somehow endured more than half of his presidency (Yes, we will win in 2020).  The House is a stopper for much of tRUMP's agenda.  The Mueller report is a blip, albeit a big blip.So stay tuned for another year and a half of exposure of tRUMP scandals. Take care all.  So don't be depressed.  Watch basketball.  Go Blue.


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