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Friday, April 19, 2019

Please don't stop now

  I was struck by a portion of Michelle Goldberg's piece in today's New York Times.  She wrote, "Many people, having worked frantically to deliver the House to the Democrats in the midterms, are exhausted... Outrage is hard to sustain no matter how justified." Goldberg is right.  I wish she were wrong.  In recent weeks I have spoken to too many strong Democratic supporters who are done with politics at least for this year and into next year.  This is what frightens me.
          We are living through the most catastrophic presidency in our lifetimes and perhaps in the history of our country.  As patriots we must continue to do everything we can to end this scourge.  There is a danger that tRUMP can be reelected.  There is a danger that the Republicans can retake the house.  The way those things will not happen is if we maintain the energy that won in 2018.  So please maintain the energy and ask everyone you know to do so.  If that happens we win.  Then we can rest.
        Let's put our current position in perspective.  We have lived with the tRUMP election for two years and six months.  We have lived with his presidency for two years and three months.  This means we are more than half way through this nightmare if we beat the lunatic in Nov. 2020.  If we lose in 2020 we are about 1/4 of the way through tRUMP. So I am going to continue to write and on occasion to solicit.  I hope you will continue to read my e mails and forgive my solicitations.  We must win in 2020.  Then we can be exhausted.
        Now for a couple of comments on current news.  tRUMP is calling to "get rid" of judges.  Fascism 101.  tRUMP is purging the cabinet.  Dictatorship 101.  tRUMP wants to again separate children from their parents.  Psychopathology 101.  tRUMP's babbling is becoming more pronounced.  Dementia 101. 
         As tRUMP continues to break the law, advocates such as the ACLU and attorneys general across the country continue to fight for the rule of law.  And judges are denying tRUMP his illegal agenda.  Perhaps John Roberts" most significant  statement during his tenure on the Supreme Court was his rebuke of tRUMP for suggesting there are Obama judges.  Our institutions are holding. So let's do whatever we can to win in 2020.  Thanks for listening.

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