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Friday, April 17, 2020

Gretchen Whitmer

You probably remember the psychopath in chief singling out our governor Gretchen Whitmer for a bilious attack.  His problem with Gretchen was that she was begging for more help from the federal government.  tRUMP couldn't remember her name so he referred to her as, "that woman from Michigan."   He went so far as to tell Pence not to take her calls.  For once Pence ignored tRUMP's instruction.

                 Gretchen Whitmer is a bright, concerned, competent, strong woman.  In short, she is the kind of woman tRUMP abhors.  So of course he attacked her.
                Yesterday Lansing made national news.  A bunch of tRUMPITES held a "gridlock" rally, closing streets around the state Capitol.  They were protesting Governor Whitmer's stay in place order.  But these are not ordinary times and this was not an ordinary protest.  tRUMP has unleashed very dark forces. The rally was filled with hate.  There were a number of confederate flags.  There were people openly packing weapons.   There were many "proud boys" flashing the white power symbol.  I have a friend who has lived in East Lansing for 40 years. He has witnessed many demonstrations. He told me that yesterday's demonstration was the ugliest day he had ever seen in Lansing.

         As always, Governor Whitmer handled the day with grace.  She affirmed the protesters' right to demonstrate.  But she pleaded with them to stay safe.  She asked them to stay in their cars and maintain safe distances.  Many ignored her pleas.  They left their cars and gathered in groups.  It  will be   ironic if  protesters who ignored the pleas for safety become infected.

          Gretchen is not up for reelection until 2020.  So this is not a plea for money.   I am suggesting that you contact the governor's office to let her now that you support her efforts.  Thank goodness that Governor Whitmer and other Democratic governors were swept into office in 2018.  They are a brake on this runaway freight train.  Take care all.  Stay safe.


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