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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Virus Vaccine

I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE (feel free to google this before you debate me)... there is NO VACCINE and NEVER was a VACCINE invented or created after decades for CoronaVirus: SARS (2002) and CoronaVirus: MERS (2012) ... So don't think there will be one for COVID-19 ... Big Pharma will see no reason or money in it (*even with previous mass deaths)... as they didn't with any other Corona Virus ... Scientifically they also cannot make one that simply (As soon as they become available from their duties, I will be doing a video with two Henry Ford M.D.s to explain why Corona Virus’ cannot be simply “vaccinated against” due to cell memory, which is why you can always get a cold your whole life) - Only some level of herd immunity will work based on previous interest. STOP SAYING we will be okay until there is a Vaccine ... if you had SARS 20 years ago ... They didn't create one then and won't today. The only healing will be global immunity via biological adaptation (otherwise known as Evolution). When you get a cold and you heal from it, that is proof of evolution, the body God created adapts as it is meant to ... or it doesn't ... and the only ones to blame for this is Human Kind, our over destruction of biological environments where animals that carry diseases we weren't meant to eat or come into contact with via bodily fluids happened. We can however choose properly to get busy getting with political pressure; communicating to our elected officials that adverse behavior overseas from adverse agendas in other countries where these things continue to happen needs to stop... help protect the environment and exotic creatures (As the story of Noah reminds us to do) ... and No! ... do not dare debate me that referencing the old testament is 'racist' ... My fellow Christians, Jews and Muslims all share this same chronicle.
Sam Logan Khaleghi

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