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Thursday, June 1, 2017

2018 midterm elections

"OK, America, let me explain a few things before this impeachment euphoria gets too out of hand. No, Republicans are not simpletons who can't see Trump is a freakish caricature of a president. They don't care about Trump. If he hangs by his own petard, so be it. Or, if he is pushed off the impeachment cliff, it matters not to them. He is a useful idiot who will help them replace two or three more Supreme Court justices, one of their four sacred goals.

First, the GOP wants to move the Supreme Court to be permanently conservative, something they can easily accomplish in the next four years. Then, the GOP wants to gut every New Deal and Great Society social program, which means killing Medicaid, privatizing Social Security, and weakening Medicare. Their third goal is to enact regressive taxes that make corporate taxes even more avoidable and remove any tax that doesn't redistribute wealth to the wealthy. Finally, their fourth goal is to decimate the regulatory power of the Federal government, including its control over public lands, healthcare, education, labor law, unions, postal services, civil rights, and voting protections. Basically, their dream of shrinking the Federal government is within their grasp.

So, Trump twisting in the wind is just a party favor for them as they tear down the temple. Imagine the GOP torching the Capitol, then barricading all roads to stop firemen from getting close enough to fight the fires. They need Trump in office long enough to get their bills signed and when the inevitable happens, they get Pence, a smoother, smarter vandal than Trump.

So, stop begging Republicans to interrupt their orgy of right-wing looting and pillaging. They aren't listening to you or any of your protests! The only thing that can stop them is the 2018 midterm elections! And even then, they have gerrymandered to the point that only a complete electoral shift and Democratic Party tsunami to the polls will change the outcome. They don't think Trump is endangering America. He is their boy while they "save" America by destroying the Federal Government.

When more than half the registered voters thought email servers, Russian fake-news plants, Bernie bros, Clinton fatigue, and sheer apathy were worth staying home for, we elected Trump. He isn't the problem. An unchecked, feckless GOP is the problem!

Unless 2018 gives the Senate to the Dems and erodes the GOP death grip on the House, you can kiss America goodbye and stop calling our nation the Leader of the Free World. And for all you third-party supporters who say the two-party system is a failure, hope you enjoy a one-party system. Why? Because America is just 18 months away from finding out what that's like....unless you begin the work of getting out the vote."

From David M. Roos (who worked at Democratic Party of Virginia and studied at Florida Atlantic University):

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