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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Emasculating the ACA

  The Republican  senators are in the process of  emasculating the ACA.  They are doing it in a disgraceful, unprecedented way.  They are meeting behind closed doors and preparing to spring it on the American people.  There will be no hearings and no debate.  In contrast, before the ACA was passed there were over 100 hearings.  Republicans proposed   numerous amendments which were put to a vote.  Even though the the meetings are done in secret, this much we know.  Their proposal will deny medical coverage to millions, primarily the poor.  It will deny accessible medical care for children.  It will deny accessible health care to millions of women.  The list goes on.
      Senator Stabenow explained the rationale behind the Republican evil plan.  They will cut tens of billions of dollars from the medicaid budget.  They will then have plenty of funds to pass a massive tax cut which will benefit primarily the top 1% of tax payers.  In other words this is a massive takeaway from the poor to give to the rich.
       I simply do not get how they can sleep at night, but I guess they do.  This bill is opposed by every major medical organization in the United States.  Among those are the AMA and the AHA.  Senator Stabenow told a group of supporters that the AARP has its "hair on fire" over this bill.  It is inconceivable to me that none of the Republicans are listening to these groups, not to mention their own citizens.  Senator Stabenow truly believes there is a possibility of stopping this runaway train through massive public opposition.  I have been supplied with a list of Republican Senators who may be on the fence.  I implore you to call, write or e mail.  There is very little time left.  I have found that by and large the staffers are very polite, even those working for the worst of the worst.  Once you make the calls, you will feel great.  There is no law against calling all Republican senators if you want.  When I make my calls I emphasize the opposition of all major medical organizations as well as the AARP.
      Even though most Senators accept calls from non residents of their states, the most effective calls are those which come from their own constituents.  This e mail reaches people in about 7 states.  If you are not citizens of the states of the senators listed below, please go through all of your contacts to see if you know anyone from the states below.  You can pass on this e mail.  If we show these birds, that there is  massive opposition to their plan, there is a possibility of winning.  One more thing,Senators Flake and Heller  are up for reelection in 2018.  So here is the list:
                         1. Shelley Moore Capito, West Virgina
                             172 Russell Senate Office Bldg
                              Washington D.C. 20510

                          2. Susan Collins, Maine
                              413 Dirkson Senate Office Bldg.

                           3. Cory Gardner, Colorado
                               354 Russell Senate Office Bldg. 20510

                           4.  Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
                                522 Hart Senate Office Bldg

                            5. Rob Portman, Ohio
                               448 Russelll Senate Office Bldg

                            6. Dean Heller, Nevada
                                324 Hart Senate Office Bldg

                            7. Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
                                703 Hart Senate Office Bldg

                            8. Jeff Flake, Arizona
                                413 Russell Senate Office  bldg

                            9. Ben Sasse, Nebraska
                                136 Russell Senate Office Bldg.

      Our country can survive this monstrous era if we continue to speak out.  Thanks in advance.



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