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Monday, June 5, 2017

Debbie Stabenow

    Michigan is blessed with two outstanding senators,  One, Debbie Stabenow is up for reelection in 2018.  As much as we hate the prolonged election process, it is a fact of life. The evil forces attempting to defeat Debbie have already ramped up.  So must she.
      On Friday Debbie addressed an overflow crowd in a town hall type meeting in Petoskey.  She was great, as always.  She spoke elequantly 
 about a number of issues.  Foremost were health care, protecting the Great Lakes, providing for the less fortunate,caring for the elderly and children, refocusing the economy toward the future and not the past.  Regarding the Great Lakes, I hope you all saw Debbie's put down of Mike Mulvaney when he gave his explanation for defunding efforts to save the Great Lakes.  It was classic.
      Her disdain for the president was palpable.   She explained how a number of his policies are totally disastrous.  She gave hope that Republicans may peel off him when they see their reelection prospects are in trouble.
      A highlight was in the Q and A.  She was asked whether in the privacy of Congress, away from the cameras, Republicans are expressing their concern with Frump.  She said, "absolutely".  She has heard discussions among Republicans about the 25th amendment which provides a mechanism for removal of the president;  She never in her senatorial career expected to hear such talk.
     She stated that as of Friday, there was only one announced Republican candidate for her seat.  That would be Lena Epstein.  I have followed Ms. Epstein's brief and horrible foray into politics.  She headed the Michigan for Trump campaign.  When the access Hollywood tape came out, her response was that she wouldn't want Trump to be her child's Sunday school teacher, but he wasn't running for Sunday school, he was running for president.  Ms. Epstein is not a stupid person.  But her politics are horrible.  On a personal note, I  often look at the world through a Jewish perspective.  I always look for Jews in the worlds of sports, arts and politics. All other things being equal, I would like to support Jewish politicians.  In Ms. Epstein's case, there is not a chance in the world that I could support this person.
      Debbie is one of ten Democratic senators up for reelection who are in states that voted for Trump. The Koch brothers have targeted Debbie.  In addition she vociferously opposed Betsy DeVos.  The DeVos family and its cronies have limitless amounts of money to spend against Debbie.  I firmly believe that raising the most money is not the sine quo non for winning elections. Our candidate will win because of the quality of the person. On the other hand, there must be a sufficient amount of money to respond to the vicious attacks which are sure to come.  
    Kathryn and I had hoped to be done with politics once Hillary got elected.  So much for our best laid plans.  Over the course of the next year and a half we will be doing whatever we can to make sure that Debbie remains our beloved senator.  I hope you will as well. Take care all.


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