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Monday, June 12, 2017

Comey testimony

    I was lucky enough to watch the entire Comey testimony.  It was riveting.  Today's New York Times and Washington Post are filled with professional  analyses.   Let me give my layman's view.
       Comey was a compelling witness.  His testimony was filled with nuggets which can lead to Frump's demise.  I would not give Comey a "ten", however.  I think at times he was overly kind to Frump.
     I think one of the most striking parts of his testimony was when he described a meeting with top deputies in the FBI.  They were trying to decide on how to respond to Frump asking whether he was under investigation.  One top deputy felt that they should not say he was not under investigation.  Comey overruled his deputy.  I think the deputy was right.  Comey could have said that Frump was not under investigation at that time , but he could not predict where the investigation would lead.  He also could have said it at the hearing. Now Frump claims that Comey completely vindicated him.  That is, of course, a lie.  But I wish that Comey had not given Frump the opening.
     For me, highlights were the opening and closing statements by Chairman Burr.  He could not have been more solicitous to Comey.  His praise of Comey was spectacular.  In fact, all of the Republicans seemed to give Comey the highest respect.  This was true even after Comey called Frump a liar in no uncertain terms.  
        I could go on and on, but I am sure you have seen and read  many of the analysis.  I want to finish with Nancy Pelosi's appearance on Morning Joe this morning.  She was spectacular.  If you did not see it, try to find it on You Tube.  Here are a couple of nuggets.  She said that shortly after the inauguration top congressional leaders from both parties meet with the newly elected president.  It is generally a feel good meeting with outward cordiality.  Pelosi had attended these meetings with Bush and Obama.  Frump opened the meeting by declaring that as everyone knows, he won the popular vote.  Pelosi responded by saying there was no evidence of that.  How bizarre was that.
      She said that starting with George H. W. Bush and going through every president, their first foreign visits were either to Canada or Mexico.  Why in the world did Frump chose Saudi Arabia?
     She said that Frump observers have described how he tries to get his way.  First, he tries to charm you.  If that doesn't work, he tries to bully you.  If that doesn't work he walks away.  And if that doesn't work, he sues you.  Pelosi was asked if she has been charmed by Frump.  She said that she finds his charm repulsive.  There was much more to the segment.  It is a must watch.
       To sum up, Comey gave Frump and his sycophants some talking points.  But the substance of his testimony amounts to more nails in the coffin of Frump's only term in office.  If  someone flip's on Frump, he's toast.  If the Russian investigation turns out collusion, he's toast.  If the Russians are found to be blackmailing him, he's toast.  I think all of those are possibilities.  Stay tuned.


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