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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Al's Blog - Invisible Hand Part 2

As I predicted Putin has finally uncloaked as a player in the Korea Game.  It is not about a friendly contest; it is deadly serious.  It also contains several dimensions: If Kim "denuclearizes" who will hold those nukes? What will happen to the explosives and their rockets?  Who will monitor the multiple processes?  Will Russia "agree" to be a neutral "third" party?  Who will ask Putin to "volunteer"?  How much weight will each of the parties carry for agreement assurances? Be assured, the logistics are not likely to match the dimensions of the Iran agreement.

How much is real, and how much is Fake News?

Was the exchange of angry messages a powerful rift between two high-strung men of equal power or a planned bit of drama to enhance an awkward charade?

As more information becomes available, I will add my thoughts, but please don't let Trump further obscure the following huge questions:

1. How much time will be required of the President?   Will he be too involved in his Nobel Peace Prize effort, to appear before Independent Prosecutor Mueller and "the Russia thing”?

*Note: Putin tramples “Populism” at home, but exports it to the rest of the world!

2. Could President Trump pardon himself for Tax Fraud or Obstruction of Justice?  Could he pardon himself for manslaughter charges of hundreds, maybe thousands of Puerto Ricans?

3. Which criminals will this "Law and Order" President pardon next?

4. Now that he has re-assembled the team that gave us the Iraq War, is he ready to be provoked by Iran?

5. What is the real purpose of his tariffs?  And why on our neighbors and allies?
Is he using them as a pretext to force Mexico to pay for his wall?  Does he want to force Canada to do something on our northern border?  Or is he trying to make those leaders look weak at home and more susceptible to "Populism?"

6. Did Trump tape world leaders crawling to him as he dangled tariff rates in their faces and made up facts he never bothered to learn just for the pleasure of demeaning those he thought underestimated him.

7.  Why is it that even a US Senator is unable to view the conditions under which hundreds of small children are held after being separated from their parents?


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