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Thursday, June 28, 2018

WHEN is Enough Enough?

The deranged autocrat in D C created a zero tolerance POLICY regarding refugees seeking asylum from violence and destitution in our great United States of America. He separated families and incarcerated persons in to prison-like structures while preventing access to some governmental individuals,  journalists and human rights groups from having full access to the persons being detained.  Peter Schey, of the Center for Human Rights, knows this action violates the  Protocol for Status of Refugees and is illegal. . Now this same despot in D C has decreed the persons being held hostage will not have judges hear cases or be granted due process. Mr. Schey says this action breaks federal and international laws.

Even more inhumane actions involve the fact that The Department of Health and Human Services has no idea how many young persons have been sent to such states as New York and Michigan or where they are-- foster homes or institutions or abandoned.  These unconscionable events are happening in this beloved (though being weakened) democracy..

Meanwhile the ego-driven author of the despicable chaos campaigns for right wing candidates on the mid-term elections this year  as well as  for himself in 2020 There no diplomatic communication with leaders of Mexico or Honduras, El Salvador, or Nicaragua. 

When will members/supporters of his cult and in Congress have the courage and true patriotism  to rebel and make efforts to compromise, to work for the benefit of our country.? Thankfully some Republican leaders have spoken and have decided to not seek to run for office.   All citizens must vote and urge everyone to vote.  Americans have endured with the lies, bullying and tweets for too long

     Hannah Provence Donigan
     Commerce, MI  
 Michigan primary August 7: Register, educate, , research , vote and encourage others to do the same,  including 18 year-old youth! The youth may need to get absentee ballots  if they will not be in MI then or in the crucial  national election in November.  We must exist to resist! We must have  balanced, cooperative representatives n MI and in DC.  Let's save our democracy!

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