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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Al's Blog - The Invisible Hand Part 5

I must admit that I was stunned by the reception Trump received from the press when he returned from his surrender trip.  He gave the North Korean dictator everything: not just everything he asked for, but everything we had given our allies to defend themselves against this ruthless dictator.  And he required none of the built-in requirements of the Iran Pact!

Where was the shock and anger from even the liberal press? 
“Well, they agreed, if it stops the threat of a nuclear war, that’s a good thing.”  That was it. No serious discussion of the impact on the rest of Asia!    

Trump literally sold out our Pacific allies in exchange, for what: … A Nobel Peace Prize?  Or was it the last piece of the puzzle Putin demanded of him? 

Trump is speaking of a summit meeting with Putin and Xi Jinping! Are we becoming the new Axis of Evil? Can nobody stop him?  Will we ever have a fair election again?  What did he mean when he told us that he didn’t need to prepare for that summit?  What did he mean when he said, “I’ve been preparing for this my whole life?”

Putin met with Kim at least once, probably twice, before this "Summit!’     
It is my guess that Putin wrote the scripts for both actors…especially Trump’s return announcement: “Americans can sleep soundly tonight.  The threat of nuclear war is over!” 

The vitriol of the 2016 Campaign continues to rage.  Trump and Putin recognize that Mueller has the goods on our likely traitorous President, his campaign, and his family. In this game of destroying the power, the wealth, the influence and the soul of the United States of America, Trump is just a mere pawn of the Chess Master.  As long as Trump’s base continues to believe the propaganda from Fox News, Breitbart, Sinclair Productions (and others whose names I won’t mention lest I give them more publicity), he will continue on his current path.

Every prediction I have made is based on my belief that our President is acting on orders from Vladimir Putin.

Look at the record of this presidency:  it is a series of divide and conquer activities:  "split the country’s unions against each other", "split the Black vote"," split the Jewish vote", "split the cities from the towns"; and worst of all: ridicule all of the leaders our allied countries. 

The Big Lie propaganda system turned even well-educated Germans into monsters in the 30’s and 40’s, and that is the new direction our America is taking.

What word, other than monster, can one call people willing to take children away from their parents and place those kids in tents erected in the middle of the desert?


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