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Friday, May 1, 2020


The classic definition of chutzpah is a man who killed his parents asking a judge for mercy because he's an orphan.  There are a million examples of tRUMP'S chutzpah and that of his criminal gang.  Let me give just a couple.

      tRUMP lies about things big and small.  He lies when he doesn't have to.  His lies often make no sense.  His lies are easily exposed.  And yet, he simply can't help himself.  I think it is the ultimate example of chutzpah to lie when the truth is easily exposed.  In a  press conference last week,  he blurted out that he hadn't left  the White House for months.  He said the only time he left the White House was to go to Virginia to kiss the hospital ship. He was pressed about  a rally he had held in March.  His response, " I don't know anything about a rally.  Did I do a rally?  I don't know anything about a rally."  He then went to another reporter. Of course he knew about the rally.   Lying is simply what he does.  As for his claim about staying in the White House for months, he had 5 rallies in February in addition to the one in March.  On top of that he spent a number of prolonged weekends in January and February at Mar A Lago.   So this lie will soon be forgotten as a torrent of future lies smack us in the face.

           Talk about Chutzpah, how can we forget Ivanka?  She has very publicly advocated staying at home during the  crisis.  Then she, Jared and family went to their New Jersey country club for Passover.  They claim that the closed country club was in effect a personal residence therefor they were merely traveling from one personal residence to another.  This was their official line.  Of course it's nonsense.  What we don't know and will probably never know is whether Kushner's  extended family attended the Seder.  I  can't imagine the little nuclear family sitting in an empty dining room waited on by servants.  I don't want to waste more than 10 seconds thinking about the Seder. But what gets me is the incredible chutzpah to be tRUMP's principle advisor, to advocate behavior for every person in the  United States, and then to publicly flaunt her  disregard for the behavior  she advocated.

         This brings me to Pence.  Talk about Chutzpah!  He was told explicitly by the Mayo Clinic that he needed to wear a mask.  Not only did he not wear a mask, but he stood in a crowded room and hovered over a patient.  His excuse was that he has been tested frequently  and was negative.  Was he tested that day?  He might have been tested the day before, or the week before.  Equally as important, testing appears to have a false negative rate in the area of 25%.  And finally,  he is supposed to be a role model.  If people see him in a crowded hospital room without a mask, they will think it's okay, just as it must be okay to drink Lysol if the president says it's okay.

         Here is what I don't get.  What;s the bid deal about wearing a mask?  Trump says he will never wear a mask.  Now Pence  will follow his fearless leader's example.  Just wear the f...ing mask.

       I just want to leave you with one more thing.  David Frum is an extremely conservative political commentator.  He was a speech writer for George W. Bush.  He despises tRUMP.  It remains a mystery why there is not a significant percentage of traditional Republicans who  feel exactly the same.  In any event,  here is Frum's most recent tweet:

                               For an extreme NPD (narcissistic personality disorder)
                               case like Donald Trump the lives and troubles of 
                               other people are remote, incomprehensible, less real
                               to him and infinitely less important  than an incorrectly 
                               melted slice of cheese on his day's hamburger.

          That says it all.  Take care.  Stay Safe.


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