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Friday, May 1, 2020

Michigan Protest

As many Michiganders are aware, about 1000 of our ‘lesser intellect’ citizens descended upon Lansing today to protest against an extension of Governor Whitmer’s emergency powers (not the stay-at-home order...they seem not to know what the Legislature was voting on today, but I digress).
As you may also have heard, three of these critters were in Lansing yesterday seeking entry into a closed Capitol, with the result that 2 of the 3 were physically removed after refusing to leave after multiple requests and becoming belligerent. One of whom, a loud mouthed twit from Ann Arbor..Wendy Darling..walked out of the gallery and immediately called for an ambulance claiming she had been assaulted (by the Capitol police). As she continued filming herself, she fell into hysterics and began screaming and crying, explaining she suffered from PTSD. Eventually she was whisked away to the hospital, released and sent home. She did not return to Lansing today.
The other ‘ladies’ (pictured above) are Audra Johnson and Shelley Gregoire, from Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, respectively. They returned today and can be heard quite loudly urging insurrection inside the Capitol. They both brought their ‘security’ with them today....the rednecks with the guns. Giggling throughout their videos the whole time about this...it was ‘funny’.
BTW...Shelley Gregoire is also a candidate for State Representative...she’s the short bumpkin with glasses.
Honestly, these hayseeds make me embarrassed to be a Michigander. These 3 went looking for a fight yesterday...and they got it. And damned if they didn’t look for the same today. I’m sure they’re disappointed tonight.
As for the others in Lansing today, I’d just have to ask, ‘What in the world is wrong with you?!?!?! No masks, no social distancing, NO FCUKING REGARD for anyone but themselves! Kudos to the MSP and Capitol police who had to endure these degenerates yelling and screaming in their faces (without masks over theirs). 
Absolutely disgusted with this appalling display of ignorance. You want to work? Plenty of places are hiring. You want to contract the ‘Rona?!?! That’s fine too (#Culltheherd). Just remember you may be bringing the disease to your family. But more disgustingly, you may be bringing it to innocents and those unaware of your callous disregard for others.
These Darwin candidates need to remember one basic principle...YOUR rights end where MINE begin!

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