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Thursday, May 7, 2020

More tRUMP

As we know, tRUMP creates a major story  every day, sometimes two or three.  I
 The last several days have been no exception.   I will write about a couple.

        In some ways it is easy to figure out tRUMP.  He is a simple minded person who cannot think past the next hour.  At other times he has an actual long range strategy.  I think his disgusting support of the Michigan demonstrators is a combination of both.

       In the last 3 1/2 years practically nothing has stuck to tRUMP.  Any one of a number of scandals would have sunk any other president.  There is one exception to the Teflon man, namely his comments after Charlottesville.  tRUMP said that there were very fine people on both sides.  That comment was universally condemned by Republicans and Democrats.  tRUMP and his handlers twisted themselves in knots trying to do damage control, but to know avail  The comment will be stuck to tRUMP forever.  A normal human  being would never make the same mistake again.   The  word "normal' can never be used in the same sentence with "tRUMP".

        In Lansing there were thugs armed with assault weapons.  There were confederate flags.  There were swastikas. There were nooses.  tRUMP's response was to say these were very good people but they were angry.  If there is one person whom I don't want to be angry it is a nut job carrying an AK 47.  Is it possible that these angry people were angry because tRUMP tweeted  "liberate Michigan"? There is nothing good about people carrying confederate flags or swastikas.   There is nothing good about people congregating in close quarters without masks thus  endangering themselves and others. tRUMP is unable to keep his mouth shut or his twitter finger in check.  Why in the world would he repeat his Charlottesville gaffe?  My guess is that there are two factors.  First, he is incapable of learning a lesson.  Second, he has a long range strategy to keep his base happy. 

         Can anyone name the Secretary of the Interior?  It is David Bernhardt.  His qualification to be Secretary Of The Interior is that he was a lobbyist for the oil, gas and mining industries.  He has been found to violate environmental laws.  He has all kinds of conflicts of interests.  He has scuttled scientific analyses.  And, of course, he is a tRUMP sycophant.  Bernhardt  is every bit as corrupt as his predecessor Ryan Zinke.  He usually stays below the radar.  But this week he became a huge blip on the radar screen.  He violated a law concerning the Lincoln Memorial.  The law explicitly prohibits any events taking place inside the Lincoln Memorial. But that's where tRUMP wanted to hold his Fox News "town hall".  Bernhardt, knowing full well the prohibition, nevertheless announced that because the town hall was an important public event he was waiving the prohibition.   In the town hall tRUMP as is typical lied about the venue.  He said he knew nothing about the choice and merely assumed that Fox had arranged it.  If you believe that, you may want to purchase the Lincoln Memorial from tRUMP.

          Then there is tRUMP Virus news.  There is no doubt that China delayed and lied about the virus up to a point.  In late January, however China publicly announced the danger of a pandemic.  Since that time, the well documented bungled response by tRUMP has without question cost lives and an economic disaster.  In order to deflect criticism of this administration, tRUMP and Pompeo have gone after China.   This is not a legitimate argument.  It is a conspiracy theory based diversion.  Here is how we know.  Richard Grenell the uber  tRUMP loyalist director of national intelligence has stated that there is no evidence that the virus originated in a Wuhan laboratory.  This was directly contradicted by Pompeo on Sunday when he said there was "enormous" evidence that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab.  Given Grenell's statement, you know that Pompeo's statement is a bald faced lie.  There is zero evidence. But to seal the deal, on Monday the National Geographic published an article about Dr. Fauci.  Fauci stated that the overwhelming scientific evidence shows that the virus originated in an animal, probably a bat, and jumped species to humans.  He went further to say that chasing the Wuhan lab theory is a waste of time.  

              tRUMP stories  never end.  In fact, they   almost write themselves.  Thank you tRUMP for extending my writing career.  Thanks for listening.  Stay well.  Stay safe.


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